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Thread: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

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    Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    1. Who is your sponsor? (you must have one, they must have agreed to do it, they must be a full member)

    2. What is the name, class, level, and race of your primary character?
    Cutsman, Bard, 59, Wood Elf of Tunare

    3. How many AA's?
    Currently only have ONE AA point

    4. Paste in the link to your Magelo or Allakabor profile (if you don't already have a Magelo, you will have to create a MacGelo profile at

    5. List what relevent keys/flags you have (it's okay if the answer is "none"): Emperor Ssraeshza, Vex Thal, PoNb flag (hedge run), other PoP flags
    I have only the Trakanon Idol (Sebilis Key)

    6. If you are level 65, what spells are you missing, if any?
    Not level 65. I am missing all Level 65 songs.

    7. List your EB, gate, invis, levitate and insta-clicky items; remember if you do not have one of these, you must get one before long.
    a. EB- Lodizal Shell Shield
    b. Gate- Vial of Swirling SMoke
    c. Invis- Bard song
    d. Levitate- Bard Song
    e. Insta-Click: Lodizal Shell Boots, Lute of the Howler, Mask of Deception.

    I will continue my search for other insta-click items as well as a Shrink device with time. I understand these are very important in raids.

    8. What alts do you have? (class/level)
    I have a few level 4-6 toons, but they never receive any play time. Cutsman is my main focus

    9. What is your normal play schedule? When and how often, timezone, etc.
    My work schedule varies, but I play as much as I can. Time zone is PST. I can be on either early morning or from Mid-day to the evening. I can usually always play a good 3-4 hour session ( or longer) at a time.

    10. In which guilds have you previously been? List names, servers, why you left, and anything else important. List any characters previously played on Al'Kabor as well.
    I have been in the guild Vintage. The reason I left was because my Real-life schedule for work and other priorities changed, so I was no longer able to attend raid times for Vintage. Moreover, whenever I was online, No other toons were ever online so I was forced to level on my own. With Vintage's ruleset, I was not able to group with other players who needed DPS or help so I was forced to solo at a very slow rate.

    11. Which classses have you played to or past 65, and to what tier? (ie, kunark/planes, NTOV, SSRA, VT, pop1, 2, 3, 4)
    On PC side, I played a Half-Elf Paladin until level 66. The furthest I was able to raid with him, was Omens of War. I never saw the end game of Planes of Power nor Gates of Discord though.

    12. Anything else you want us to know? (this is the place to tell us if you're not the original account owner)
    I am the original owner of this account. There is nothing else needed to say that would affect my performance for Temerity.

    13. Why do you want to join Temerity?
    Where to start? Since my start on Al'Kabor, I have received help from many players throughout the server, and from all guilds. For that I am grateful. However, players from Temerity always stood out because I noticed that Temerity members frequently went out of their way to help me even when I never asked for help. Avocado, Nazule and Chiba were the three players that showed me what a guild like Temerity truly represents, a home. With that said, I knew I was set on joining Temerity once I felt that the knowledge of my Bard class and experience would benefit the guild.

    14. What do you expect out of EverQuest -- why do you play?
    Nostalgia fix mainly, but I enjoy the Lore. I enjoy the raids. I enjoy the people. EQ is my favorite MMO of all time.

    15. Gnome is to elf as ______ is to ______ ?
    Windows is to Mac OSX?

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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    Quote Originally Posted by cutsman View Post
    15. Gnome is to elf as ______ is to ______ ?
    Windows is to Mac OSX?
    LOLZ, welcome Cutsman!


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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    Welcome aboard Cutsman!

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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard


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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    Welcome Cutsman! Look forward to seeing you in game please give me a holler if you need any help with anything!

    If this were Rallos Zek I'd nuke you during the CH rot.

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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    Glad to see the application, Cutsman! Feel free to send me a tell if you ever need anything!

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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    Cutsman, good to have you with us.

    I just picked up a new theramin from some junk shop in the way back of Ak'Anon, and I think you will be great with it in the ever-expanding Temerity band.

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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    Grinded some exp, so Im 3 yellow bubbles from 60. Avocado helped me drop Phinny for a Kedge Backbone. Received a couple AE Resist songs to help with raids. Finally, by tomorrow I should have my Gate hammer.

    Pretty successful day. Just thought I'd give an update

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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    Today: Leveled to 60. Received my Gate Hammer. Realized i am sick of PoN....:D

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    Re: Cutsman, 59, Wood Elf Bard

    Loveeeeee PoN!

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